Saturday, 11 April 2009

New Single Video Shoot

On 7th March 2009, exactly 1 month after recording my new single, and exactly 2 months after my decision to make a return to the world of music, we started shooting the music video to accompany my new single "Hard Not to Fall"
The video tells the story of a woman who feels she is stuck in a predictable, boring and mundane marriage. Her husband no longer gives her the attention and affection she so craves and desires...he is totally oblivious to her or the way she feels. They simply exist together, living in the same routine day in day out.
Inside, she's battling with her feelings of love for another man...a man from her office (In this case the handsome Michael Crockett) She comes alive whenever he's around...and fantasises about them being together. She does love her husband, and knows that her feelings are wrong, but given her circumstances it's so hard not to fall in love with someone as wonderful as he is.
The video was filmed over two days, and in two locations. The office scenes were first and took place in a real office in Cardiff. I got to work with some good friends in Cardiff - which made the day really enjoyable for all - I hope :)
Everyone seemed happy and relaxed anyway...and did a real great job!

Day 2 of filming was on 14th March, and we shot the 'home scenes' - so we got a welcome addition to the cast... Adam Stirling...the husband...also known as "Hot Adam" haha :)
These were framed background pictures that we used on the set of our home. Adam and I had these taken on our first meeting ...a very pleasant 'Wagamamas' meal after a long hard day of shopping for me, and a long hard day in the office for Adam. We got a friend to take these on her camera, just out and about ...thanks Lou :)

Some of the Birmingham scenes.

A massive thanks to everyone...cast, crew and production for making this a fantastic and most enjoyable experience! Some really great friendships have been made and cemented during this process! Love you guys! Can't wait to show everyone the finished product!

So, I hope you get it...and you like it :)
You can now see clips of the video on my website


  1. Hi Jessica

    Welcome back. All your fans are, I am sure, so pleased to see you again and are rooting for you.


  2. Hi Jessica,
    We love the song and can't wait to get it. It's fantastic to hear your beatiful voice again. You are such a lovely person you deserve all the success in the world.
    Lots of Love and see you soon.
    Dave & Michelle

  3. Hi Jessica,

    You know I am your bigest fan ever. I love your new song SO much, I have listened to It over and over again. The computer is almost warn out (ha ha).I am looking farward to downloading it on the 11th May. I hope you do REALLY well. Hope to see you soon.

    Jessica Bemand xx

  4. Aw...Thank you guys SO much! I really am so happy to be able to do this again :) ...and I'm really glad you like the new single too ...can't wait to play you the next one already...I'm very excited :)

    Lots of love, Jessica xx

  5. Hi Jessica,

    I love your new song, can't wait for Dad to download it for us.

    lots of love, from Erica

  6. Hi Jessica,
    I LOVE your new song it is really good!!!
    I'm so glad you've started singing again! I want to stay up and be the first to download it.(If mum and dad let me, I'll have to creep round them.)GOOD LUCK WITH THE SINGLE!

    Love From Milie x x x x

  7. I love the new single. I still play Come Back you are a stunning star shining bright. I downloaded on the 10th so I think I was one of the first to down load. Well done and it is great to have you back. Love Tom x

  8. Jessica I am looking for four ladies of Kidwelly/Lannelli area
    All Donnie fans Cathy, Bev, Susan, and Helen and of course Stewart. I would really like to get in touch.

    Please have them look me up
    "Elder" Scott Robinson

  9. Jessica, I'm trying to get in touch with regards Graham, I know he's been trying to get in touch with you and said he'd missed you in the Oak and the Alex so could you email me and I'll give you his number.

    Regards, and Merry Christmas,